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Call Joe Charles – (310) 980-9339, 

GI Joe Charles inspires runners at Pier-to-Pier Run/Walk




 Share your story with us:

1.  I am going to run on March 5th, 2011 because of it my 80th Birthday &

I doing it with 20 families & friends that here to support me from around the world coming to join me to running barefoot.  When I came back from my run the Major Michael DiVirgilio of Hermosa Beach was the to sing Happy Birthday to me and GI Joe gave me a "GI Joe Dog Tag" saying I took it to the next level. I did it... 
- Dodie Filler

2.  I and my boyfriend will enjoy the walk along the beach sharing our moment being together for a few years telling our story about how much we love each other. 

- Cathy Olomos

3.  My wife wants me to see on this

walk so I am also going there. 
 - Glen Cohen

In the past, partial proceeds from the  Partial Proceeds From The Pier 2 Pier Run The money for this event benefits and supports Joe Charles in his efforts to rehabilitate from his stroke.  Since I had a stroke last, January 21st, 2015.  


(​​​​​Hermosa Beach Pier to Manhattan Beach Pier And Back (Approximately 4 miles in the sand).


Meet at the Hermosa Beach Pier

Participants Will Receive:

Saturday – Nov, ?? 2018 @ 8:00 am

1st Place Prize & 2nd Place Prize: 
* A Gift Certificate value of $222 for (GI Joe Boot Camp)  
Participants will receive

 * P2P Walk/Run T-shirt 
* Entry to win great raffle prizes

* GI Joe Dog Tags and other special prizes!!! 

 Post After Race Party at:​​

- P2P Run/Walk T-shirt and a chance to Win.
(Guaranteed to pre-registered participants,

- Include your t-shirt size)
- Entry to win great raffle prizes,

(may even win a free gas card)
- Goodie Bag.

Fall Pier to Pier Run/Walk

Hennessey's Tavern Restaurant
         8 Pier Avenue
         Hermosa Beach, CA 90254​

$25 per runner/walker until

Saturday, Oct, 05, 2019 
Team/Family Sign Ups Available (5% saving)

kids $20 included.
All Discount Expired Sat, Oct, 05, 

Registration Fee:

​Standing at the entrance to the Hermosa Beach Pier a few feet from the statue depicting legendary surfer and lifeguard Tim Kelly, Joe Charles' status as a local icon was also made apparent.

For more than one hour Saturday morning, Charles accepted hugs and posed for photos from well wishers who spoke words of encouragement to the 57-year-old who suffered a near-fatal stroke in January 2015.

Charles' recovery has astonished a multitude of people who have been trained by "GI Joe" at his Manhattan Beach Bootcamp, participated in his Spring and Fall Pier-to-Pier Runs or physically tested during his One Push-Up Challenges.

While Charles recovers and  ehabilitates, Village Runner owner Mike Ward stepped up to help promote the event.In less than nine months, Charles has gone from a wheelchair to using a walker to a cane, which he currently uses. The biggest surprise, however, came when Charles handed off his cane and made his way to the front of the pack of runners at the starting line for this year's Spring Pier-to-Pier Run.

Village Runner Store

1840 S. Sepulveda Blvd.

Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266

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